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The Company Armenian Watch International (AWI) was established in July 2001. The company makes more than 300 kinds of men, women and children watches, which each year are updated by new models. The mechanical and quartz watches of the trademark AWI is modern on design and various under the form. The company has the design research center, which beforehand develops design of the newest models were based on quality and convenience.

For the first time I was introduced with trademark AWI when I was looking for a present for my girlfriend in 2004. When I came into the magazine I was really surprised. There were a huge variety of watches at a very affordable price and salesperson, who was a girl, really help me to chose the present. However, the company doesn’t follow least cost strategy. All watches in magazine are of high quality and modern design. Here are my favorite watches of AWI: 

 Such huge variety of products makes possible to satisfy demand of people of different ages, tastes, sex and financial conditions. Тhere are classic design watches for elder people, modern design ones for fashionable persons and also small nice watches for little ladies and gents. Almost every person can find here something for him or his relatives.

The company has web page, where one can see available products and order them via Internet. It is not necessary to go and visit their store on Abovyan street to buy watches, but in my opinion it’s preferable. The service in magazine is good and workers are always ready to help to choose the watch that is mostly corresponds to customers’ needs.

Nowadays almost everyone in Armenia knows this company. I am really proud that in Armenia there is a company that produces watches which compete with famous foreign trademarks like Swatch and Orient.

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Early History and first AWI watches

Beginning of 21st century was memorable for Armenian industry with a new branch of production: Armenia began to produce its own watches AWI(Armenian Watch International).

One may think: “Why should I wear an AWI watch?” Of course there are several answers to this question. That’s why we decided to introduce the history and future development of the product, so that everyone will get the answer. Let’s begin from the early history. In 2001 american-armenian businessmen Hrach Gabrielyan with support of well-known watch company Franck Muller established AWI. Three other famous companies Freelook, Q&Q and Shivas Watches Inc. signed contract with Franck Muller to develop AWI production. This contract lasted from 2001 to 2003 during which first AWI watches were introduced to the public. AWI did not have a separated design department, so these companies made the design as well. Since AWI plant was located in Yerevan, all components were sent to Armenia, where Armenian watchmakers assemble the watches. 9

In 2001 first AWI watch entered to the market. The founders were astonished with the results of Armenian watchmakers. The cost of the first watches did not exceed 12000 AMD. They were simple, chromium-plated with short warrantee. You can still find some of these models in the store. As you see, even first watches have warrantees, which no doubt talks about the quality of AWI.   poster2

Future development: Franck Muller was so fascinated with the success of first watches that in 2003 it gifted one of its models to AWI. That model was shift away from FM’s production and AWI received a patent on this model, i.e. only AWI can produce it. So we can separate two time periods for AWI: till 2003 and after 2003, establishment and development periods respectively. These new watches are more expensive as they are made of stainless steel, decorated with precious stones and are much more reliable than first products. Consequently they have longer warrantees. So you get high quality mechanisms, stainless steel frame and French design from AWI.   

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Production process

The production process starts by creating the designs of watches. As I mentioned in my first post, company has its design research center, which is located in France, in the capital of fashion. If you visit the store on Abovyan street or AWI internet site, you can notice exquisite style of almost every watch. However, company not only pursues the fashion, but also creates its own style. It is complicated but also vital to have own “signature” in each model and that’s where AWI succeed in. Now, it is easy to distinguish AWI watches from others.

The second step is the straps. This part of AWI watches imported from Hong Kong. In spite of the fact that people usually don’t pay much attention to the wristlets while choosing the watch, it is quite important that their design goes with overall stile of the watch.

Next step connected with the parts of watches, which are ordered from Swiss company ETA and Japanese renowned company Citizen Miyota. Assemblage of watches is made by up-to-date technologies in Armenia, in AWI plant which is located on Tigran Mec str. In spite of the fact that assemblage of watches is made by technology, AWI watches is partially hand made, especially decoration with precious stones. After all these processes the designed watches come to reality and introduced to customers.

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AWI today

 AWI img_2543is not only domestic company, but also International one. In spite of the fact, that AWI is relatively small organization and has one store, one plant and about 30 employees in Armenia, it sells its products in many other countries like Belgian, Russia, Georgia, France, Sweden, USA and Canada. This is not surprising, since high quality and well designed watches at affordable price attract customers in every country.

The company has several main competitors in domestic and international market: Orient, Citizen, and Seiko. These are the companies which operate on the same target group as AWI does, which is middle class people. The gradual increase in sales tells that AWI attract more and more people and conquer market share from its competitors.

However, it is not reasonable to compare AWI with brands like Franck Muller and Tissot in favor of last ones, as many people do. These companies have more than half decade history and sell luxury and high cost watches. They has different target group and are out of competition for young organizations like AWI. However, I believe, it is not unreachable level for Armenian Watch International. There was a huge growth of the company during last seven years and this fact gives optimistic views on the future of the company.

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AWI Style

It is important for a company in almost every industry to have its own differentiated style. Although performance attributes play very important role while choosing the product to buy, design has huge impact in decision making process. If you familiar with Franck Muller or Tissot style you can distinguish its product from other companies’ ones. The same is true for AWI Watches. As I mention in one of my previous posts, AWI has its own “signature” in its products. To introduce this, I will show several models, that are available at AWI store: 


 Gents QA watch. Stainless Steel case w/5 microns gold plating. Flat sapphire lens. 5 ATM Water resistant. Leather strap.




 Gents QA watch. Stainless Steel case, sapphire lens. Leather trap.





 Gents Chronograph watch. Stainless steel, 10 ATM water resistant. Leather trap.  



 Ladies QA Watch. Leather strap.





Ladies QA Watch. Stainless Steel Case. Leather strap. 3 ATM Water resistant






QA Watch for ladies. Stainless Steel Case with clear Swarovski stones. Leather strap





QA Watch for ladies. Stainless Steel Case. Leather strap




As you can see AWI produces cycled, quadratic and even cross designed watches. However they all have something common. The numbers, hands, decoration with precious stones and other small details give to AWI watches unique appearance

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